About ETPS

About ETPS


The Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS) has over 70 years’ experience of training test pilots and flight test engineers. That’s all we do. And it’s all we’ve ever done.

We were the first school in the world dedicated to teaching test flying. Our founder, Group Captain Sammy Wroath, established the principles of flight test training in 1943:

  • Developing flying and engineering skills
  • Practising critical thinking
  • Taking a broad perspective in order to distil and communicate useful findings from complex flight test programmes

These core principles are still vital today. Now, as then, it is direct human experience that generates the most valuable insights, and our philosophy is embodied in our motto: learn to test, test to learn.

From the very first year, students at ETPS have graduated as highly effective professionals who have gone on to succeed in demanding roles at the forefront of the flight test industry around the globe.

In the modern aviation industry there’s no time to learn on the job. That’s why we compress years’ worth of experience in flight and systems testing techniques into a year of intensive, thorough training.

Graduates leave ETPS with skills not only in flight test and analysis, but also in reporting their findings succinctly – ready to provide expert advice that enables organisations to make the right procurement decisions, cut costs and time, and save lives.

Our EASA-compliant fixed wing and rotary wing courses – delivered by highly-qualified instructors – give students both theoretical understanding and direct hands-on experience. We have one of the world’s most varied and modern training fleets, while our partnerships with civil and military organisations expose students to numerous working methods and environments.

This extensive, intensive training produces exceptionally skilled flight test professionals able to perform in
a variety of situations, delivering effective evaluation whatever the aircraft or test criteria. Our graduates repay the investment made in their training many times over.

About ETPS